The IMG Communication Series

Welcome to the online program "Communication for International Medical Graduates" by Professional Development and Conferencing Services (PDCS).

Effective communication is an essential skill for all physicians. The role of a physician as a communicator has been identified as one of six core competencies of a medical practitioner by the CanMEDs framework. The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) has developed the C2LEO objectives that include Cultural-Communication, Legal, Ethical and Organizational aspects of the practice of medicine. The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) notes that communication issues are associated with a variety of medico-legal problems. In short, effective communication is an essential skill for all physicians and is critical for optimal patient outcome.

The foundation for this online program is a Needs Assessment conducted by PDCS which highlights some of the issues of communication that are of particular importance to International Medical Graduates (IMG's). The IMG Communication Series has recently undergone a reaccreditation process including an updated Needs Assessment and a survey of past users of the program. The purpose of the modules is to introduce the participant to some concepts of communication within an office-based family medicine setting. It is not the intent of the modules to provide medical answers to any of the clinical scenarios, but instead to provide a case-based discussion and some didactic learning around three broad themes of communication.

The program has been divided into three modules, each addressing a different theme of communication; Patient-Centered Interview, Cultural Differences and Understanding Relationships. Although a participant may register for one or two of the modules, it is recommended that all three modules are completed as there is overlap of information and techniques.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador (CPSNL) has fully endorsed this program.

The Courses